Thanks, Rats!

Posted Uvelius Sång

Thanks, Rats, for the fantastic community you all have made possible.

That this community is not just an effective group but an outstandingly sympathetic and positive one is well documented through the intense creative output, most and foremost shown by Father Cool and Robin as well as TartanDragon with his stories, Kerenn with his industrious PR work and monday reports, Alec Turner with his 3001 posters, Orange Sheets with his famous FuelRats radio show,  and recently Becks with lyrics and the many other contributors;

… but also the unbelievably industrious Rats from RatTech, doing the website, mechasqueak and the database-game interaction and rescue records, with xlexious, CrunchyBaton and Derrybear, just to name a few;

… and last but not least all Rats and Dispatchers and Overseers spending their time with enjoying the Game in a unique way;

… and not to forget it’s founder Surly Badger, who took the unconventional approach of an anarchic group combined with effective operations standards and, as one of the maybe most outstanding points, that he took the Rats  as a name and not something neutral (and boring) like “Fuel Service Group” or “Blue Cross”.

Therefore, today when I learned that I earned a laurel wreath, it is time for a BIG

Thanks Rats, by Uvelius Sång. Roundel credits courtesy: The great Father Cool


Glad to be a part of this, and to be able to incredibly enjoy my time with you all.

Uvelius, Rat, Dispatch, Seer, whiskers dripping with ink