(Effective 2018-05-13)

By connecting to the Fuel Rats IRC network, you agree to abide by the following rules. If you break any of the following rules, you may find yourself banned from the Fuel Rats IRC network and all our other services. If you do not agree, simply disconnect from the network and do not reconnect. The moderators has final determination on all matters relating to the network.

Your connection to this network is a privilege, not a right. We reserve the right to take action against anything they find to be offensive or harmful to the network and to the mischief as a whole.

Don't be an asshat - DerryBear

Age requirement

You must be 13 years or older to use the Fuel Rats IRC network, whether as a guest or as a registered user.

General conduct

Disruptive behaviour is not tolerated. Disruptive behaviour includes, but is not limited to, acting against the following rules of general conduct:

  • Our mission is to help people so we help each other as well. Be friendly.
  • We are all Rats; race, sex, nationality, beliefs, platform etc are not important.
    PvP and rescues aren’t compatible. Please pursue those activities while off-duty and follow the SOP in case you’re attacked during a rescue.
  • Threats of any kinds against fellow rats or other CMDRs will not be tolerated.
  • Keep language tidy, clean and avoid profanities at all cost.
  • You must not impersonate, or attempt to impersonate, other users, FDev employees, or law enforcement agencies.
  • Do not distribute cheats, links to instructions on how to cheat, or share exploit information about Elite: Dangerous or any of its affiliate products. All behaviour defined by Frontier’s Terms of Service as cheating falls under this rule, including combat logging.

Messages which are hateful, intimidating, demeaning, harassing, offensive, threatening, or promotes harm to others are forbidden. Using language of this kind may result in being banned from the network. You may not use any language defined as Hate Speech, which includes – but is not limited to – text or actions that are demeaning in any manner, harmful, or an attack on religion, race, species, personal values, person, gender, or sexual orientation.

The IRC channels are provided for the purpose of rescues, and to provide a safe, friendly and inviting place to hang out.  Please don’t spam links to other channels or websites, abuse other users, issue personal attacks, swear or say anything crudely offensive. 

You must not give out or promote information that you know is false or misleading. Do Not encourage others to get kicked or banned by the channel Bots for violating the flood control or to otherwise break the terms of service or code of conduct.

Please avoid being disruptive to the channel, avoid constantly writing in capital letters, spamming IRC colours, and speak English when possible. Do not make fake rescue alerts, be involved either setting or helping to set up an ambush, or use Fuel Rats channels to lure, hunt or track other commanders.

Do not deliberately run out of fuel in order to cause a rescue. Distracting dispatch and taking up valuable resources that could be used to rescue actual clients may lead to mistakes and indirectly kill clients, this is taken very seriously. If you want to arrange training exercises the drill channels are available for your use at any time.

Do share advice, but let dispatcher dispatch in peace! Do not backseat, if you have problems with a dispatcher’s conduct feel free to contact the moderators.

Do feel free to be a positive influence on ratchat when it comes to picking topics, and do help fellow rats (and guests) to act according to the general ethos and Code of Conduct. Leave moderation to the moderators though.

Do not share channel content of invite-only or private (channel modes +i and +p respectively) channels or those channels with ChanServ’s “Restricted Access” set without permission of the channel owner.

Evasion of a ban

If you are banned from a channel or the network, your only recourse is to appeal your ban to the channel staff. Attempting to circumvent such a ban by changing username, IP address, or using proxies is termed as ban evasion. If you repeatedly evade a channel ban (or bans), you will be permanently banned from the Fuel Rats IRC network and your Internet Service Provider will be contacted.

You may not, by any means, assist or facilitate banned users in directly interacting with other users through the Fuel Rats IRC network. This includes, but is not limited to, providing proxies or relay bots for the use of banned users.

If you find yourself banned from the Fuel Rats IRC network, you may appeal to ops@fuelrats.com

Network disruption

You must not attempt to disrupt the IRC servers, services or the servers they run on, including but not limited to DDoS attacks, attempts to gain privileges, flooding or otherwise interfering with the service(s).

Do not bring in bots or enable autoresponding scripts without permission from network administrators. All bots not accepted unanimously by the network administrators are considered non-friendly and are not allowed.

Illegal Activities

The rules of the offline world do apply to the online world, and all illegal activities are prohibited on the Fuel Rats IRC network.
Illegal behavior includes, but is not limited to: file sharing of copyrighted or protected content; distribution of child porn; hacking or cracking; attempting to Exploit another user or computer; credit card fraud or trading; botnet or spambot control channels.

Adult content

You may not share or post content of a lewd, obscene or sexual nature, on any channel.


Advertising is only allowed by case by case permission from a channel operator. You may not otherwise use Fuel Rats IRC network services to advertise, promote or solicit any business, product, event or service, free or otherwise.