The Fuel Rats have shirts again!

Posted Clapton

tl;dr: Check out these cool shirts!

The Shirts!

We have shirts. You don’t (actually, if you’ve been around long enough, you might). Any questions?

That’s right rats, the loot is back! We have two new shirt designs in glorious new colors. This is our first run of shirts, so things are somewhat minimal, but we have plans to evolve the store as time goes on.

Our goal for this shirt campaign is to raise capital for selling mugs again, however excess profits will be folded into our operating budget.

We would like to keep the store looking fresh with cool designs. If you have any feedback or design ideas we could use to expand, please contact xlexious or another OP on IRC!

A side note on copyrights and legal crap

It has come to our attention that some shady people are selling stupid expensive (as in 150% profit margin) shirts on Teespring using our logos. Please don’t buy from these people. These campaigns are not affiliated with us in any way, and have been reported for copyright infringement under the DMCA. We will be sure to continue fighting these abuses in the future.

For you do-it-yourself types, you are free to use any of our logos or propaganda pieces for personal use. Feel free to slap our logo on anything you want! (Post a picture in IRC even. We love seeing rats in the wild!) We do, however, reserve the right to sell products which use our assets, and therefore do not allow 3rd party sales of products using our designs.

If you wish to decorate yourself in rat logos and slogans, please stick to legitimate sellers only. Don’t get ripped off!

If you find products using our logos illegally, please contact an op on irc, or email so we can contact the proper authority.